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Updated 8/10/05

The Music of WKBW-TVEyewitness News Music: The Action News Series... Move Closer to Your World
This album contains the entire Action News package, produced by the Great Al Ham, which included the famous Irv Weinstein eyewitness news theme... as well as the full sing version of the Irv song... Never aired in the Buffalo market! This music package was used all around the country at dozens of TV stations, and all of the variant muisc cues are included.
The mid 90s "re-sing" is also on this disc... As are the themes to the Commander Tom Show and Rocketship 7... and several novelty songs, including "I Love You, Irv weinstein!" And "The Eyewitness News Rap." Several Irv Weinstein aircheck sound bites are scattered throughout.
This is a Special Compilation created at the staffannouncer.com studios!
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The Price is Right!The Fabulous 60 minute Price is Right Album!
This album contains all the classic The Price is Right! Music beds from the 70s and 80s. Also inlcuded are many of the sound effects used on the show over the years... As well as voiceover bits from Bob Barker and the late great announcers... Rod Roddy and Johnny Olson.
This is a Special Complilation created at the staffannouncer.com studios!
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KB Komposites!WKBW: 1959, 1962, 1972
Included here are three KB produced Composite Recordings... including all the KB jocks who were on the air when these were recorded. KB used these as sales tools showing off how great KB was... There is one from 1959, 1962, and 1972. A great capsule history of One of America's Great Rock & Roll Stations. The complete History of KB's glory years on 1 cd!
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The History of KBThe History of KB
This is a two disc set is a huge collection of audio snippets from KB and KB jocks elsewhere around the dial and around the country, as compiled by KB Jock (and Former PD) Sandy Beach. A great listen!
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#$@&**&$@!!!!WKBW Outtakes
2 CDs worth of WKBW production outtakes! Laughing, tied toungues, and (gasp!) cursing. NOT FOR AIR!!!
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More to Come!The Best of Norm Nathan
A Sound in the Night was an audio compilation of the work of Norm Nathan put out by his friends and family after his death. See the airchecks page for dozens of hours of Norm Airchecks. Proceeds from the initial sale of this CD when to the Berklee School of Music in Boston... so will any proceeds garnered here.
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Ed Little Vol. 1Ed Little Vol. 1
I've put together a compilation of all the tape available on one of my best friends, the late Ed Little. Included on two discs, Many newscasts, Ed signing on WBNY-FM (now WJYE) in 1966, and Ed's visit to the studio in 1999 recreating one of his 1950's Towne Casino Record shows.
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Ed Little Vol. 2Ed Little Vol. 2
More of the best of Ed Little.
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The 1964 AFL Championship GameThe 1964 AFL Championship Game
This is an amateur recording of the 1964 AFL Championship Game. Ralph Hubbell sets the scene for the WBEN audience and play-by-play man Van Miller calls the action from The RockPile in December 1964. Digitally remasterd in the staffannouncer.com studios, the orginal tape was made by someone holding a microphone up to a speaker.. So you hear them cheering on the Bills in their Queen City Living room. The tape also starts and stops, throughout the game, but over the hour, you get a feel for the game where the Bills won their first of back-to-back championships.
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Bills Beat Miami!The Bills Beat Miami 1980
Any Bills Fan alive in the 70's knows that the Bills didn't beat the Dolphins in that decade. They also know that Joe Ferguson and the Bills finally pulled out a win on Septemer 7, 1980! This disc has several editions of Buffalo Bills Replay... A 15 minute feature that aired on WBEN. Included is the Replay of the game simply known as the Miami Game. Here highlights from Van Miller and Stan Barron and narrator Jeff Kaye take you back to one of the most glorious days ever for Bills Fans who suffered through the 70s!
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Sabres 1975 Year in ReviewBuffalo Sabres 1975 Year in Review
This is a studio copy of the Sabres 1975 year in review, as orginally aired on WGR after that glorious season. Ted Darling hosts the program filled with dozens of play-by-play calls with Ted and Rick Jeanneret. This is REALLY awesome!
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War of the Worlds '68!War of the Worlds '68
It caused panic up and down the Eastern Seaboard when first broadcast in 1968... This is the orginal WKBW War of the Worlds. Join Jeff Kaye, KB Music's Sandy Beach, Channel 7s Irv Weinstein, and Newsmen Joe Downey, Henry Brach, Jim Lancer, and Jim Fagan as aliens invade Grand Island. One of the best produced radio dramas of all time. Introduced by Dan Neaverth, complete with commercials for Genesee Beer and Humphrey for President.
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War of the Worlds '71!War of the Worlds '71
This is, in essence, the same broadcast as above, only with the Jack Armstrong as the jock, and slightly tighter production. The Dan Neaverth intro is switched out with a Jeff Kaye intro, and tells the story of panic created by the first broadcast. The show is also complete with well produced commercials for Keyhole Fashions.
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Paul McCartney is alive and Well, Maybe...Paul McCartney is Alive and Well, Maybe...
Is another twisted production of KB Radio. It chronicles the possibility that Paul McCartney died in a car crash in 1964 and the guy "playing" Paul is really a body double. It points to song lyrics and album covers as proof that the Beatles are playing a trick on you, and Paul is dead. This masterpiece helped further a persistant rumor with great production and a 50,000 watt signal that hit 33 states and half of Canada. Narrated by Jeff Kaye, Dan Neaverth, Stan Roberts, Sandy Beach.
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From Steve's ArchiveWYSL & WGRQ Composites cdv0020
This WYSL composite was produced in 1975, and runs about 10 minutes. It includes a sampling of each of the following disc jockeys: Jim Connors, Robert W. Taylor, Kevin O'Connell, Ed Gullo News, Shane, John Rivers. The WGRQ-FM composite from 1974 runs about 10 minutes... And is a great example of early Buffalo Album rock! Included are Alan Jennings GRQ News, JJ Jordan, Rufus Coyote, Super Shannon, George Hamberger, Bill Bear, Jason Bojohn, Roger Christian.
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From Steve's ArchiveSabres at San Jose Radio Only cdv0080
This 2003 radio only game is a great example of Rick Jeanneret and Jim Lorentz without worrying about TV. The best part is the LATE AM version of a radio only Hockey Hotline.... Where Brian Blessing & Mike Robitaille are at their best (and most amusing!) If you miss Mike & Brian like I do, its a great reminder of how things used to be!
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From Steve's ArchiveWNSA: The SharpShooters! cdv0084
A classic edition of the WNSA classic hockey Pregame show... The Sharpshooters! On this show, Mike Schopp, Jim Kelley, and Mike Robitaille spend 74 minutes llooking through old hockey cards telling great old hockey stories... a timeless classic. Originally aired Decemeber, 2000.
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From Steve's ArchiveThe JFK Collection v85
80 minutes of JohnKennedy sound, some of the national broadcasts were downloaded from the internet.
WBEN- Lou Douglas anchors-- JFK visits Buffalo; Pulaski Day Oct 1962
WEBR- Ron Arnold-- Kennedy assassination 11/22/1963
JFK Memorial Record Diplomat Records Side 1 and 2
CBS TV Walter Cronkite announces President shot
CBS TV Walter Cronkite announces President dead
KNX Radio President shot
NBC TV Huntley and Brinkley President killed
WNBC-TV Don Pardo announces President has been shot
NBC-TV Harry Reasoner describes casket moving.
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From Steve's ArchiveAround the Buffalo Dial 1975 cdv00115.
Recorded by a young Dave Gillen.... Joey Reynolds visits to promote new album- WGRQ Buffalo 1974; Loren Owens, Kevin O’Connell 1974 WEBR Buffalo; Frank Benny, Randy Michaels, Stan Roberts, Tom Donahue 1974 WGR Buffalo.
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From Steve's ArchiveWKBW’74 cdv0123
Bob Mc Crea, Don Berns, Dan Neaverth and Jim McLaughlin on the Great American Music Machine on WKBW Radio in 1974.
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From Steve's ArchiveHound Dog on KB cdv124
This show appears on reelradio.com, but this is the orginal source. I found this on a tape that was given to me by the widow of former KB Morning Clock Watcher and Buffalo Sports Legend Stan Barron. A great studio quality recoding of George Hound Dog Lorenz from WKBW in 1958.
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From Steve's ArchiveClassic Chex Mix cdv132
An hour of classic radio, mixed by Steve from the Ed Brouder Aircheck vault at manfrommars.com.
Jack Armstrong 7/1969 WPOP Hartford
Kirby Brooks 9/1959 WINZ Miami
Jim Britt Boston Braves Play by Play 6/1948 WHDH Boston
Bill Morrissey 10/1974 WKBR Manchester, NH
Howard Stern 10/1982 WNBC New York
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From Steve's Archive2/22/64... The Entire Day on KB cdv136-cdv144
Danny Neavreth's Afternoon show. Danny and Joey's famous cross talk. Joey Reynolds on the air hating this new teenage sensation "the Beatles." Bob Diamond's overnight show. Its all here... from on day in 1964. 8 cds.
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From Steve's ArchiveTed Darling on Empire cdv145
Ted called a few games on Empire during the first season the games were on cable... This just before he became to ill to continue on the broadcasts. This may very well have been his last game on the air as the Voice of the Sabres. With Jim Lorentz, Mike Robitaille. November, 1991, Sabres vs Bruins. AUDIO ONLY.
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From Steve's ArchiveNorm Nathan's Last Show. cdv146-149
The Great Boston Radio Personality died in his sleep on an October day in 1996. His last show, the weekend before, was just another show... Nothing special. But the special thing about everytime Norm turned on a mic was special in this show, too. Thanks to Scott Fybush for dubbing this for me almost 10 years ago now. 5 hours, 4 cds.
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From Steve's ArchiveAround the Buffalo Dial, 1978, 1983. cdv153-cdv156, cdv165
These are tapes I bought at AMVETS... All apparently once belonging to the same youngster (whose musical taste changed over the years.)1983: WPHD, WYSL, WBEN-FM, Shotgun Johnny Ringo, WNYS. WNYS WNYS CFTR Toronto, WBUF, Rock 102 WBEN-FM.WPHD-FM, WNYS-FM, WGRQ-FM. From a tape labelled "Hillbilly Music:" WWOL-FM 104 Johnny Lawrence,1978. From a tape labelled "Beautiful Music:" Skip Edmunds WJYE, 1st in Stereo, WADV 1978.
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From Steve's ArchiveAround the Buffalo Dial '95 cdv161
Late night: WBEN, WGR, CJRN Niagara Falls, CHML Hamilton, WNED-am Buffalo, WECK Buffalo, CHUM Toronto, WBUF Buffalo, WHTT Buffalo 3/26/95
Please Type Name or Number(ex cdv125)
From Steve's ArchiveBuffalo Braves Remembered cdv162
From Pete Weber, these series of interviews with former Braves ran on WEBR in 1981-2. Bob McAdoo, Cotton Fitzsimmons, Randy Smith, McMillen, Melchiorre, Dantley, Archibald, MacKinnon, Spoelstra
Please Type Name or Number(ex cdv125)
From Steve's ArchiveBlizzard of '77
An absolutely captivating recording of Buffalo Radio during the height of the most fabled snow storm in the antions history... Buffalo's Blizzard of '77. Recorded by Albion's Tom Taber, Jan 28, 1977. Included: KB-Henry Brach, WJJL, KB- Jim Quinn- Dont Panic, WBEN Lou Douglas- news, WBTA, WKBW closings, WHAM DickDimecco, WBEN Jeff Kaye Lou Douglas news-- "State of Emergency", WCAU Philadelphia, WKBW Natl Fuel Announcement, WJJL, WBEN Jeff Kaye, WCAU, WKBW Henry Brach-- Irv State of Emergency Ad, WHAM, WKBW Henry Brach, WKBW-TV IRV!!!!! ad, WOKR Channel 13 Bowling for Dollars, WKBW Henry Brach Jon Summers, WJJL, around the dial, WBEN Closings, WJJL Stranded people, WWBK WWBK, WKBW Bethlehem steel
Please Type Name or Number(ex cdv125)
From Steve's ArchiveSteve's First Aircheck cdv169
This is the first airchek tape I ever owned... A dub from a tape made up by Ed Brouder from manfrommars.com. The original tape was a 90... So to let it fit on a CD I've lobbed off the Perry Allen Aircheck that can be found elsewhere on this page.Dorky, perhaps, but I do have this one memorized word for word. Norman Knight WCBS FM 1975, Bruce Morrow WNBC 1975, Dan Ingram WABC 1975, Big Ron OBrien 99X WXO, Unknown WPLJ, Unknown WHN, _____ WPIX, Dave Marshall WSPK Poughkeepsie, Bob Malloy WKBR 1970, Phil Christie WBZ 1959 Leo Egan News, Jim Holt WBZ 1959, Ron Landry WBZ 1959, WMEX News 1961, Larry Justice WIBG 1964, Howard Stern WWWW 1980
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