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What is the Buffalo Oral History Project?
The Buffalo Oral History Project has been established to record, duplicate, and preserve for the future; the oral histories of families, civic & community groups, veterans organizations, and businesses. And the best part is, our mobile studio comes to you!
We're preserving Western New York's Audio history in two ways. One, we interview or facilitate your interviewing the people around you; getting their stories in their own voices, and recording the whole thing digitally. Think of how great it will be to hand your grandchildren the stories of your grandparents on a CD!
The second way we help you preserve history we take your audio recordings-- made on reel-to-reel tape, records, or cassettes-- and we digitally remaster them to CD. Whther these are of family gatherings, radio or TV shows, plays, christmas pagents, weddings, whatever. These things were recorded because they were important to somebody-You, you parents, whomever. The fact that someone thought them important enough to record makes them history. Pretty neat, hunh?
How does it work?
The mobile studio of the Buffalo Oral History Project goes anywhere... It fits in a small valise. All you need to supply is a quiet area with a table, a few chairs and one power outlet. Then we're ready to record the stories of your parents, grandparents, children, even yourself! You can write the questions for and conduct the interview, or the trained staff at the Buffalo Oral History Project will be happy to assist in any way possible. Suggested ideas for interviews are listed below.
If you have outdated format audio you'd like converted to CD, we'll have to bring that back to BOHP Headquarters to run through our super computer for the best audio quality.
Either way, we'll have digitally mastered CD copies of YOUR audio history mailed to your home within days of the initial visit. Give us a picture, and we'll custom design a CD cover. We can make as many CDs as you like... An interview with the family matriarch or patriarch will make a great gift for the entire family!
You can begin the process by e-mailing Steve Cichon at, or by calling Steve at 716-479-3173.
Capturing the anyone's story on a recording that will last for generations is a gift that you will be thanked for long after you're gone. Talking to firends and relatives about their everyday life growing up... what their dreams and aspirations were and are... Make for a fantastic keepsake as well as a great bonding experience between you and them. The Buffalo Oral History Project encourages you to record the stories of your parents and grandparents. You may know the stories by heart, but someday you'll be warmed to know that you can hear them in your loved ones voice. You may even learn something you never knew about someone you've known and loved your whole life!
WIVB-TV Senior Corespondent Rich Newberg recently came across an unruly tangle of reel to reel tapes from his college radio days in the late 60s and early 70s.
Within days, the 27 tapes were boiled down to 4 digitally remastered Compact Discs, complete with jewel cases, a case cover, and a separate tracking sheet. Rich is now able to share with his children and save for posterity the previously unlistenable work he did in college.

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