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John Beard, News Four Buffalo. is a tribute to Buffalo television in the 70s and early 80s as inspired by the recent hit movie The Anchorman. Big hair, flashy suits, and plenty of loud colors makes for a decade we all wish we could forget.

Irv, Back to you.



Click for Larger Picture WKBW Susan Banks came to Channel 7 in 1977. After a short time in Boston, and a few years at News Center 2, she returned to Eyewitness News in 1990. She is now a lead co-anchor at 7-News.
Stephen Rowan, left, was a part of several failed re-births for Channel 4 in the 70s. He came to WBEN-TV from CBS, replacing Chuck Healy at the news desk. The station was feeling the heat from 7 and 2, and changed the names and faces, but not the monotonous news delivery. WIVB Click for Larger 

Click for Larger Picture WGR-TV For a time in the mid 70s, Stan Roberts hosted the morning show on WGR55, as well as the weather on WGR-TV.
Bob Koop brought his cool, professional delivery and incredible writing skill to Buffalo from Salt Lake City in 1981. He co-anchored with Carol Jasen until he was struck with the effects of Leukemia in 1992. After several brief comebacks, Koop died New Years Day 1995. Carol? Click for Larger Picture
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Picture Topping Tonight's News.. Irv and Don.
Wadi Sawabini was a fantastic reporter, and made every story feel important during his days at News Four. News Four Buffalo Click for Larger Picture
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Picture AM Buffalo AM Buffalo with Cindy Abbott and Brian Kahle. Are co-hosts these days allowed to be so close... Ever?. Note Kahle is sans the 'stache.
A later shot of Kahle with 'stache. WKBW Click for Larger Picture
Click for Larger Picture Buffalo Sabers Hockey Ted Darling called Sabres Games on WGR-TV for the entire decade of the 70s.
When Ted was on TV, Rick Jeanneret was calling the games on WGR Radio. For the 2004-05 season, Rick is once again calling the games on WGR Radio, as well as on the Empire Sports Network. Sabres Hockey Click for Larger Picture
Click for Larger Picture Don't get VD. Teleevison stations felt the need to tackle "difficult issues" with special reports in the 1970s. Here is an ad for one on Channel 4. The name of the show? VD.
Maria Genero, Rich Newberg, and Brian Blessing were the News Four Weekend Staff for a good part of the 80s. News Four Weekend Click for Larger 


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