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John Beard, News Four Buffalo. is a tribute to Buffalo television in the 70s and early 80s as inspired by the recent hit movie The Anchorman. Big hair, flashy suits, and plenty of loud colors makes for a decade we all wish we could forget.

Irv, Back to you.


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Picture 4 This is Election 71 on WBEN-TV Channel 4. Grim faces, NPR-like delivery. Both John Corbett, second from right, and Steve Rowan, right, were from the old school.
By 1977, WBEN-TV had been sold off by the Buffalo Evening News, and the call letters were changed to WIVB-TV, and the grim faces had turned to smiles. Channel 4 Click for Larger Picture
Click for Larger Picture News 4 John Beard was a part of the News 4 team from 1977 through 1981. He is now at Fox News in Los Angeles.
The constant in Buffalo TV News from the mid 60s to the late 80s was IRV, RICK & TOM. WKBW Click for Larger Picture
Click for Larger Picture WKBW Irv circa 1967.
Irv circa 1980. WKBW Click for Larger Picture
Click for Larger Picture WKBW Dave Thomas was the Host of Rocketship 7, Dialing for Dollars, and filled various news capacities over the years at Channel 7. Now going by the airname Dave Roberts, he's been giving Philadelphians their weather for the past quarter century.
Rick Azar, Eyewitness Sports. WKBW Click for Larger Picture
Click for Larger Picture WKBW Commander Tom Jolls was the last of the big 3 at Channel 7 to retire. He did so in 2001.
Don Postles has spent time at all three stations in the Buffalo market, the only anchor/reporter I can think of to hold that honor. For the past 10 years, he has been at Channel 4. WKBW Click for Larger Picture
Click for Larger Picture WKBW The Live Eye Van.

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Many of the photos on these pages are courtesy of the Buffalo Broadcast Pioneers.
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