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Pics of Buffalo Broadcasters, Amusement Parks, Stores, Restaurants....
By Steve Cichon,

How to send us your photos:


Scan your photos at a minimum of 300 dpi. Send to
Include a detailed caption if you can.


Buffalo Photos
117 Parkside Ave
Buffalo, NY 14214


Have a question? Call us? 716-479-3173. In many local cases, we can stop by and scan photos with our portable scanner and laptop.

What We're Looking For:

Right now, we're collecting radio and TV photos, but as you comb your collections, set aside other classic Buffalo shots as well.

Whether its a picture of Gramps drinking a Simon Pure, your brother checking out the AM&As windows, you and your cousins having fun at Fantasy Island or Crystal Beach, fun times at the Aud or the Rockpile, or just a photo that shows some great Western New York scenery, We'd love to see it!

You can follow the submission steps above. You will receive photos credits in any of our web & book projects.

BUFFALO, NY ( - Did you have your picture taken with Commander Tom at the Erie County Fair? Do you have a Grandparent who worked in Buffalo radio or TV during the “golden age” of broadcasting? Stuffed away in a dresser drawer do you have an autographed picture of a local DJ from a high school sock hop? If you do, two of Buffalo’s foremost “pop culture” historians need your help for a series of upcoming projects.

Steve Cichon, creator of and Marty Biniasz, co-founder of, are asking for the public’s assistance as they search for images, artifacts and ephemera related to Buffalo radio & television. Items collected are to be used in future book, display and web based projects.

“We are looking for personal snapshots, studio publicity photos, letters, marketing rate sheets, membership cards, advertisements…just about anything that might assist us in telling the story of Buffalo broadcasting,” said Biniasz.

Pictures submitted will be considered for inclusion in an upcoming book project titled “Images of Buffalo Broadcasting.” The publication, currently being written by local historian Marty Biniasz, is to be published by Arcadia Publishing under its nationally successful “Images of America” series. A fall 2011 release is anticipated.

A second published project to be released during late 2011 and being written by Steve Cichon is “Irv! Buffalo's Anchorman.” Irv!chronicles through photos and stories the life and career of Buffalo's most beloved media personality of all time, with a special emphasis on how his story intertwines with those of Rick Azar and Tom Jolls to form the longest running anchor team in history, and a part of the historical and pop-culture identity of Western New York.

"There are plenty of staged publicity shots of most of these broadcasters," says Cichon. "But especially in Buffalo, the people we've watched on TV and listened to on the radio are really a part of our families. What better way to celebrate our special relationship than with our own real family snapshots."

Items collected will be scanned, documented and returned. The community can also following submission guidelines on the historian’s websites for options to scan and submit images on their own.

“This is sort of a local broadcasting history scavenger hunt,” said Biniasz. “There are so many unsung heroes of the radio & tv industry. We hope to uncover more than just ephemera, but also stories and recollections.”

Some Examples of What We're Looking for...

From Jen Kurzdorfer
Young Jen with Commander Tom at Child World on Transit Road, late 70s. Commander Tom is still one of her favorites!

From Burt Happel
His grandmother, at the corner of Main and Jewett, at Central Presbyterian Church, c.1916. His grandfather was an engineer and an amateur photographer.

From Jack Tapson
Just one of many photos from a long career in broadcasting. He took this one at the WBEN studios in the late 40s. Clint Buehlman, left, and Johnny Eisnerberger, center... he was Forgetful the Elf.

From Stan Roberts
Stan playing KB Yo-Yo softball at The Rockpile. Early 60s.

From Al Knobloch
Danny Neaverth and young friend at a Grover Clevlenad High Dance, early 6os

From Al Knobloch
street scene from the Allentown Arts Festival, Delaware Ave, mid 70s

From Al Knobloch
Crystal Beach's Comet, mid 70s

From Al Knobloch
Al lounging at Grover.... He sent us these photos, and plenty more... Saying he loved to take random photos of people and places around WNY.

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