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The Irv, Rick, and Tom Page

Irv, Rick, and Tom
America's Benchmark Anchor Team

Text, audio, and video stills by
Steve Cichon

When Irv Weinstein, Rick Azar, and Tom Jolls teamed up in 1965, its probably fair to say that more people would have been watching Channel 4's test pattern than the news on Channel 7. But by the time Rick Azar retired in 1989, the three had attained a status of not only the longest running anchor team in history, but also an iconic status probably unparalleled for any other triumvirate in Televison news history.

So Handsome!For me personally, Irv, Rick, and Tom have been a part of my life as long as I can remember. My dad and I watched the news together every day. My Mom tells me that "IRV TINE-TINE" was among my first words, and I would run around the house singing my own version of the Eyewitness News Theme (ba-ba-BA, BA-BA, Badabadaba, ba-ba-ba-BA-BA, BADABADABA!). Commander Tom and his pals Davey and Goliath kept me quiet and entertained, and left me having a great desire to have a red jacket with yellow epaulettes. And then there was the time my Grandmother nearly passed out when we all met Rick Azar AND Mike Randall at the Broadway Market one Easter... "He's so handsome, He's so handsome," Grandma repeated over and over.

I hope you enjoy some Irv, Rick and Tom memories with the sound files and pictures below... I'd love you to e-mail me some of your Irv, Rick and Tom memories so that they can be shared here.

New! Added March 2006.... Irv at the 2006 Variety Club Telethon!
Its a long-standing tradition that when all the operators are busy with calls,
Irv graces the viewers with a rendition of I'm A Little Teapot.
Pictures and audio of Irv singing it not once... BUT TWICE(!) at this year's show.
Tote Board Variety Club 2006
<>varietyclub (2)
Irv gets ready to Sing
<>varietyclub (1)
Irv In Teapot Pose
<>varietyclub (3)
Keith Radford holds the mic for Irv
<>varietyclub (4)
Tip me over...
<>varietyclub (5)
Mr. Food gets serious about the Kids.
varietyclub (6)
Mr. Food makes me tear every year..
<>varietyclub (7)
More Mr. food

Click Here for Audio Click to Hear Irv sing I'm a Little Teapot
from the 2006 Variety Club Telethon!

Click on carts for Audio or thumbnails for Larger Pictures...
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Click Here for Audio The Classic Eyewitness News Theme
Including the Never Heard in Buffalo Lyrics to the song!
Click Here for Audio the 90s version of the Eyewitness News Theme... This one makes me think of Kathleen Leighton
Click Here for Audio Mike Randall wrote this... Perhaps the finest example of the genre... The Eyewitness News Rap. Randall is joined by Irv, Rick, and Tom... Plus Mary McCombs
The Rap begins with Tom Jolls' famous question... "Its 11 Oclock. Do you know where your children are?"
Click Here for Audio Another Great Song from the back of the rack... I Love You Irv Weinstein. The Best part comes at the end, when Irv himself entones several GREAT alliterative headlines.
Click Here for Audio This is an Irv Weinstien Eyewitness News film promo that ran on WKBW the day of the Blizzard in 1977. A quick download and good listen.
Click Here for Audio For at least 30 years, Tom Jolls was Buffalo's smooth talking voiceover king. Here he is on a Christmas 1991 Brand Names commercial... For as long as I can remember, there wasn't a commercial break on Channel 7 that didn't have the Commander's voice.
Brand Names
Click for a Larger Look at the Brand Names Store on Niagara Falls Blvd.
Eyewitness News Van
Young Irv
Irv, Rick, Tom, and Don Postles... From the cover of the Eyewitness News Game
Irv and Clip Smith
Irv gets a bit emotional during his last newscast, Dec. 31, 1998
Irv in the Hallway
Irv and John Murphy on the set
Irv looks tough in the show open
tom jolls & mike randall
The Commander with Mike Randall
Irv and Tom in the double box
Topping tonight's Eyewitness News...
1998 Eyewitness News open
An Ultra-Mod Eyewitness News Promotional Piece
A Pensive Irv
Rick Azar with Ed Rutkowski, Al Meltzer, and Jeff Kaye Calling Bills Games during the OJ years
Tom Jolls in the opening Credits
Tom Jolls Weather Outside '99
Tom at the Map
Rick Azar
Rick Azar.... a few years later
Bills Play-By-Play Ad with Rick
Commander Tom Jolls with Dustmop and other pals
Commander Tom
dear irv_2
Irv gets letters... He makes fun of Tom's outfits.
Watch Eyewitness News at 7:20???
Irv, Rick, and Tom Game Cards from the Eyewitness News game.
irv auto_6
Irv Weinstein Autograph
irv hogg
Late 60's Irv Weinstein ad
irv postles
Irv with Don Postles in a Nice pose.
irv weinstein
Late 80s Irv
Irv and his Mom Ad.
That Irv is a good boy.
Irv in Poland.
Tom on the Day Irv Retired
Irv, Rick, and Tom
Irv, Rick, and Tom eat Canoli on the Weather Outside set
Irv, Rick, and Tom inducted into the Buffalo Broadcasting Hall of Fame
And me the sorry voyeur
Will Success spoil Weinstein, Azar, and Jolls?
Tom Jolls.
Buffalo institutions: Weber's Mustard, Charlie the Butcher, & Tom Jolls.
Tom Jolls
Live Eye Van
Channel 7's Original Main Street Studio
Irv, Rick, and Tom in the Eyewitness News Reel Projector.
The (W)einstein Theory
Your webmaster with Irv as Phil Beuth looks on

There's MORE Irv, Rick, and Tom....
Click Here for More Irv, Rick, and Tom Hundreds of Images from WKBW-TV from 1958 to today!
Including plenty more Irv, Rick and Tom!

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