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KB Reunion '86

The KB Reunion
Danny Neaverth's 25th Anniversary at KB

Text, audio, and video stills by
Steve Cichon

Its one of the great events in radio history... As KB Radio was sold off by Cap Cities and was sliding into the abyss, the station threw one hell of a party to celebrate Dan Neaverth's 25th anniversary at the station.

In many ways, it was the last hurrah for a station that would soon spend most of the next two decades mired in satellite "formats of the day" and little or no direction.

But for one winter weekend in 1986, KB was back.... The weekend started with reception at Shea's on Friday, an Oldies saturday morning on KB, and then Saturday evening... A Free-For-All Round table discussion with many of the jocks and newsmen who were in town....

Then-KB News Director John Zach was instrumental in putting the reunion together... He also shared with me 4 hours of video that were shot over the reunion... Stills from that video appear below.

Click on thumbnails for Larger Pictures... and audio where noted.
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Norm Schrutt
Norm Schrutt eats Teds Charcoal Broiled Hots.
KB Reunion161
KB's Bob Savage
KB Reunion60
KB General Manager "The Weasel"
Please help with Real name!
7 camera
Eyewitness News shot the Party at Shea's
Al Anscombe with Danny
Former KB Boss Al Anscombe with Danny Neaverth
Former KB Newsman Art Wander
Art Wander with Danny Neaverth
Dan Kelley
Dan Kelley started at KB the week after the Reunion.
Dan Kelley & Tommy Shannon
Dan Kelley & Tommy Shannon
Dan Neaverth
Dan Neaverth behind the mic at the 695 Delaware KB studios.
Dan Neaverth Jr
Dan Neaverth, Jr
KBReunionDanny McBride & Ed Tucholka
Danny McBride & Ed Tucholka
Danny Neaverth & John Zach
Danny Neaverth and John Zach
Danny Neaverth
Danny Neaverth in the KB talk studio
Darren Neaverth
Darren Neaverth
Don Berns
Don Berns
Don Berns & Jay Nelson
Don Berns & Jay Nelson
Don Berns
Don Berns
Don, Joey, Danny
Don Berns, Joey Reynolds, Danny Neaverth
Elliott Abrams
AccuWeather Meteorologist Elliott Abrams
Jay Nelson & TommyShannon
Jay Nelson & TommyShannon...
Note the Mr. Donut Box in the foreground.
Jay Nelson
Jungle Jay Nelson interviewed by Channel 2
Jay Nelson
Jungle Jay Nelson
Joey Reynolds & Danny Neaverth
Joey Reynolds & Danny Neaverth
Joey Reynolds
Joey Reynolds
Joey Reynolds
Joey Reynolds
John Zach
John Zach
Linda Pelligrino
Linda Pelligrino
Rod Roddy
Rod Roddy asks Danny to C'mon Down!
C'mon down!
Danny holds old school Rod Roddy picture
Sheas Marquee
Sheas Marquee announces Reunion
KB Master Control Studio looking at Delaware Ave Parking lot
Tommy & Danny
Tommy & Danny
Tommy Shannon
Tommy Shannon
Tommy Shannon
Tommy Shannon
WGRZ mic flag
WGRZ covered the Reunion about 8 logos ago..
KB Engineer
KB Engineer... Help me ID!
KB Reunion The 1986 KB Reunion
6 Audio cds... Its not the whole day, and what is there is a little choppy, but its still a great listen! Available for $20 or trade... To trade, Drop me an e-mail.
KB Reunion The 1986 KB Reunion
all four hours Available on Video CD for Playback on your PC...the video quality is only fair... But the 4 cds are availible for $15.20 (get it?) or trade... To trade, Drop me an e-mail.

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