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Larry Glick!
Larry Glick 1922-2009

The Commander has passed away. This notice appeared on WBZ's website Friday, March 27, 2009.

Boston (WBZ Newsroom) -- A Boston radio legend has died.
Longtime WBZ radio host Larry Glick died Thursday night in Florida after undergoing 10 hours of open heart surgery. He was 87.
Glick graced WBZ's airwaves for 20 years, building up a faithful group of fans known as "Glicknics."
Larry and WBZ-TV's Jack Williams (right) had been close friends since 1975. Jack made frequent appearances on Larry's talk show on WBZ.
Larry retired to Florida, where he most recently worked as a greeter at Legal Sea Foods in Boca Raton.
Glick leaves his wife Lisa and a daughter Tali, both in Forida, and a daughter, Nannette in the Boston area.

Rest in Peace, Larry!
Larry Glick!
By Steve Cichon
Did you ever win a Glick University T-shirt? Are you a Glicknick? My fascination with The Glick Program started when my family lived in Holliston, Massachusetts for 3 years in the mid 80s.... That's when Larry was doing afternoon drive on WBZ... and I was mesmerized by the show... A Pint-sized Glicknick. After Larry had left WBZ for WHDH, I had the chance to visit the WHDH studios... and saw LARRY GLICK'S DESK. It was a great moment in a young life. I was always very impressed with his multi-lingual sign-off as he went into the Peter Meade Show... And of course loved the whistle.. and singing of the phone numbers. (You can hear both in the 13:54 portion of the Glick Show below.)

This is Larry's Bio as it appeared on the WMEX website when he worked at the station briefly in 2000: Larry Glick is a Nationally known Radio Personality and a well known Boston area night club performer, especially for his hypnosis performances. Larry has been heard in 38 states as a radio personality, and he was a part of WMEX from 1964 to 1968. Larry was also a part of WBZ from 1968 to 1988, and a part of WHDH from 1989 to 1993. As well as the owner of an All Girl AM Station, Larry was a pioneer in becoming an owner of an FM station in Florida during the 1950s. He was also a major night time personality at WIOD (CBS) in Miami for several years before moving to the Boston Market. Larry is followed nationwide by all his GlickNick's, and his popular show is a great addition to WMEX.

No need to call 254-5678... Just Click Below for Larry!

Larry in a mid -80s WBZ pose
A Picture from the WBZ 75th Anniversary booklet
That Mannequin must have called Larry
Close up of Glick University T-Shirt....

Hear Larry!

Click Here for AudioThe Larry Glick Show (26:26)
WBZ 1975
Windows MediaAudio
Click Here for AudioThe Larry Glick Show (13:54)
WBZ late 70s
Windows MediaAudio
Click Here for AudioThe Larry Glick Song
from Larry's Album Larry Glick? Let Me Check.
mp3 Audio
Click Here for AudioLarry with the Champagne Lady
from Larry's Album Larry Glick? Let Me Check.
mp3 Audio
Click Here for AudioMan Shoots Vending Machine
from Larry's Album Larry Glick? Let Me Check.
mp3 Audio

I wish I had MORE Larry Glick stuff to share!

Have a Larry Glick story, picture, or sound to share with the world? E-mail us! We'd love to add your memories!

Larry Glick The Ultimate LARRY GLICK Collection!
ALL ON ONE CD... Over 20 Hours of Larry Glick Radio goodness from his WBZ show, and includes the tracks from his (in)famous album,Larry Glick? Let Me Check.
This mp3 CD is not for use with most portable CD players, and is probably best played for most people from their computers.
This collection is available for trade... or for $14.99.

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