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The Milt Ellis Jukebox

The Voice of the Aud:
Milt Ellis

By Steve Cichon UPDATED: January 13, 2006

He was so understated, you didn't miss him until he was gone. But there's no doubt I'm not the only one who can't help myself when I'm in an echoey room... 1st Buffalo Goal, his second of the season, scored by number 20 Brent Peterson. assists to number number 7 Dale McCourt, and number 23 Hannu Virta. Peterson, from McCourt and Virta. Time of the Goal, 13:22. Every Buffalo hockey fan over of a certain age has a Milt Ellis impression, whether they know it or not. Milt is a Buffalo institution, although he'd be the last one to tell you. He's the most humble, sincere, honest man you'll ever meet.

Milt's public address career started with the AHL Hockey Bisons in the mid-60s. His friend Stan Barron was the PR man for the Bisons, and they needed a new PA announcer. Stan called Milt and Milt continued to be the voice of goals, penalties, and New York State Smoking Regulations until 1997 (yes, he worked for two years in the then-Marine Midland Arena.)

A hockey fan long before the Sabres skated into Buffalo, Milt has always held a place in his heart for the Leafs... When he was growing up, he could get the Leafs games on the radio and TV. Though he'll tell you he really doesn't consider himself having a "style," has has said that he's always admired the work of longtime Leafs PA Announcer Paul Morris (a picture and audio clip are below.)

Milt Ellis Stan Barron Paul Morris Norm Wullen
Milt Ellis Stan Barron Paul Morris Norm Wullen
Click for Larger Picture Click for Larger Picture
The Aud
Complete with scoreboard, overhang Oranges, and "Cigarette Butt" Sound Baffles hanging fromt he ceiling.
Mike Robitaille, Jim Lorentz, Rick Jeanneret, Ted Darling
Yes, they're the broadcast crew, but look at the "Cigarette Butts" hanging from the ceiling! That's Aud flavor that HSBC just doesn't have!
The Milt Ellis Jukebox (below), is filled with Milt's Public Address Announcements, as well as other ephemeral sound from a night at the Aud. Many will remember Milt introducing The National Anthem with Tenor Joe Byron and Organist Norm Wullen. Selections from both men are programmed into the jukebox... Also included are a full length interview Mike Schopp conducted with Milt at WNSA Radio in 2001, and a portion of a show from WDCX-- The Christian Station that was Milt's "Day Job" the entire time he was the Sabres PA announcer. Also a brief clip from one of the men Milt looked up to as a PA Announcer... The Voice of Maple Gardens, longtime Toronto PA man Paul Morris.

The Milt Ellis Jukebox

Two Milt Ellis cuts recorded in the WNSA studios.

A Scott Pearson Penalty and Milt Ellis agrees with the world about Ricky Jay.

A cut from the Aud, and one Milt re-created for the Sharpshooters Show on WNSA.

The Left is what Milt sounded like on TV with SOG reads.. the right... what it sounded like in person.

Long form cuts here: Milt Ellis on WDCX and with Mike Schopp on WNSA.

Bonus Tracks: Organist Norm Wullen on Both Tracks... Accompanied by Tenor Joe Byron on the Anthem

Sounds of the Aud: The Goal Horn and The Lets Go Buffalo Chant

Bonus Cuts with Former Leafs PA Announcer Paul Morris and current HSBC Arena Organist Ken Kaufman

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