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A History in Pictures

By Steve Cichon UPDATED:March 7, 2006

Welcome to a pictoral history of WKBW-TV.... There are hundreds of images here... So please be patient in letting the thumbnails load. Don't worry, even if the thunbs don't load, you can still click for a larger version of the picture.

Someday I may add some narrative, but for now the pictures will do the talking. Feel Free to e-mail any additional pictures or stories for this page!

About half of the images below are stills taken from Channel 7's 35th Anniversary special... The other half come from the archives. A Special thanks to all those who poured so much work into putting the the WKBW-TV Anniversary Show together. Its because of their great job that I'm able to share many of these images on the web. Included are not just the pictures of Channel 7 personalities, but many of the iconic WNY stories and people the staion covered over its first 35 years.

For some Channel 7 sounds... And More on Irv, Rick, and Tom check out the links at the bottom of the page... for the Irv, Rick and Tom Page.

Click on the Thumbnails to see full-sized versions of the pictures....
Please e-mail any further descriptions, identifications, and stories you might have about any of the pictures!
Thanks to Irv Weinstein, Don Polec, Mike Randall, Eric Schoenfeld, Barbara Barone, and Tim Clark for all their help in identifying many of the mystery pics!

Irv with Tom over Shoulder

Tom in a yellow checked jacket

Boats in the harbor

Forecast Still

Digging Out

Danny eats a Tennis Ball

Danny Neaverth plays Tennis

Penny Daniels asks an easy question...

Danny Weather Outside

Danny City Hall Backdrop

Fishing Report

Old School Weather Map

Old School Radar

Danny wears Shorts in the snow

Rick, Irv, Don, & The Commander

Irv & Don

Finally Tonight...

Eyewitness News Tonight

Don Polec

Buffalo Stallions Vs St. Louis Steamers!

Aud Crowd for Soccer

MISL's orange ball

Anne Simon and Don Polec at Lake Placid

Postles & Polec at the White House

Iranian Hostages released

Eyewitness News Game

Irv plays Eyewitness News Game

Irv, Tom, Don & Rick play Eyewtiness News Game

Rick with an Assignment Card

Postles plays close to vest

Tom and Don duke it out

Rick listens to Irv

The Game Board

Stealing Gas!!!!

Target 7... The Trouble with Tampons

Buffalo Sky Line

Polec Motorhome

Don Polec behind the wheel in 7 Country

The 1980 vote

Would you vote for Reagan or Carter?

Nolan Johannes with Gerald Goldhaber

Channel 7's Hidden Cameras!

Clip Smith Shoots pool

Rick Azar with Chuck Knox

The Clipper and a Kid

Anne Simon

Rick Azar hits the streets

Eyewitness Sports Team

Anne Simon averts her eyes in the lockerroom

Anne Simon with Joe Ferguson

Clip under center

Rick in the Sports Office

Buffalo PD car circa 1981

Buffalo Cops on Patrol

John Pauly undercover

John Pauly on the phone

Susan Banks at the typewriter

Cindy DiBiasi

Tim Fleisher, Don Polec, John Pauly

Dan Hausle

Eyewtiness News!

Irv and Don on the phone

Nick Lawler, Exec Producer

The Commander with an Umbrella

Watching Irv in a Gin Mill

Reporter on Two Way with Photog Brian Zelasko

On the scene with Fire Eaters

Irv on the two-way

Live Eye in the field with Tim Fleischer

Putting the WIT in Eyewitness News

Don Polec with a clown

Steve Boyd & Jean Hill

John DiScullo

7 director, Peter Schnell

Frank Pacella

Ed Reilly

Tony Farina with state of the art Computer

Gary Isbrandt Director

Jameel Abdul-Sabir camera operator

Keith Radford & Kathleen Leighton on the set


John Winston

Penny Daniels

17. Please Help ID!

Jim Gardner, now Philly's Big Anchor

Clip Smith...probably offering a pun

Larry Sales

Don Postles with a BIG tie

Serious moment with Irv and Don

Reporter Don Keller (Don Yearke)

Susan Banks on a Fire Truck

Susan Banks on the set

Alan Nesbitt

20. Please Help ID!

Henry Lawrence

Henry Lawrence

Bill Wasinger

Donna Fowler

Dave Thomas excited!

Nolan Johannes as an elf

Dialing for Dollars St Pattys Party

Nolan Johannes at WNEP 1992

Nolan Johannes Dials for Dollars

Dave Thomas (Dave Roberts) on the air in Philly (1992)

Mr Beeper

Susan Banks and Dave Thomas

Liz Dribben, Phyllis Diller, and Nolan Johannes

Liz Dribben and Duke Ellington

Liz Dribben and Jerry Lewis

Elizabeth Dribben in Conversation

Dribben and Lewis wide shot

Newsman Don Keller (aka Don Yearke)

Reporter Irv Weinstein with a Mom

John Winston

Nolan Johannes on the scene

Joey Reynolds getting ready to wrestle

Rick Azar in the lockerroom

Susan Banks & Jean Hill

Keith Radford collecting Donations

Happy New Year!

Buster & Irv

Mary Travers & Sheila Mahoney

The 7 Weather Team 1992

Someone tell Clip its raining!

Bob Koshinski tries weather

Irv tosses to Bob

Bill Sweet

Windy Linda Pellegrino

Joslyn Mementa

Danny on a snow bank

Downtown Buffalo Blizzard

Blizzard on the 33

Blizzard Street scene

Blizzard Plow

Delaware Park underwater

Tom Jolls Outside

Chilly is the weather word...

Tom Jolls promos weather outside

Irv, Rick, and Tom honored at Rich Stadium

Rick Azar with Norty Knox

Schony hugs Rick

John Murphy... Eyewitness Sports.

Murph at the Superbowl

Sports Producer Tim Melligan

John Murphy

The 'Zar: Jerry Azar

Bob McKeown

Brenda Brennan

Bob Koshinski avoiding Lugers

Rick Azar with Gilbert Perreault

Rick with an obscene windscreen

Rick Azar with Jim McKay

Braves Hoops action

Paul Synder, Jack Ramsay, and Bob McAdoo

Rick Azar with the Juice

Aud Spectators applaud

Ernie D!

Rick with Lou Saban

Rick with Punch Imlach

Ralph Wilson... Note the old Mic Flag

Perreault Scores...

Young Fan at the Aud

Braves Hoops action

Bison Great Ollie Carnegie

Runnin' At the Rockpile

Pilot Field arial Shot

The Rockpile Stands

Rockpile Endzone

Ralph Wilson says Fix the Rockpile or I'm Moving!

Buffalo Mayor Kowal

Erie County Fair Midway Mid 80s

Erie County Fair Midway late 60s

Allentown Arts Festival-- Hat!

Allentown Arts Festival 1960s

Looking in AM&As windows at Christmas

AM&As Animated Windows at Christmas

The Park Lane-- Before the Fire

Buffalo Blazebusters 1960s

Buffalo Police early 80s

Buffalo Ambulance

911 introduced 1964

an M&T Branch- victim of a Holdup

Metro Rail Rolls- Traffic Leaves Main Street

Main Place Mall Opens- Shelton Square Filled in


Kensington Opens-- The City cut in Half

Councilman Jimmy Griffin

Mayor Makowski

Mayor Sedita

Mayor Kowal

Alfreda Slominski

John Tutuska

Thaddeus Dulski

Barry Goldwater

Al Gore, Dennis Gorski, Bill Clinton in Buffalo

Ronald Reagan in Buffalo

Jimmy Carter in Buffalo

Jerry Ford in Buffalo

Bobby Kennedy in Buffalo

John Kennedy campaigns in Buffalo

Kennedy Motorcade at Buffalo airport

President Eisenhower in Buffalo

Love Canal Residents

Love Canal Clean Up

Love Canal Neighborhood

Attica Riot>

UB Race Riots

Irv with Silly Hat

Irv at Bethlehem Steel

Irv waits for the bus

fotog Paul Thompson

Before there was Irv... There was... Anchor Roger Lund.

An Early weather forecast

Camera on the weather outside set


Keith in front of City Hall

Kathleen hands over some tape

Paul Hollie LIVE via satellite

Newstar 7 Satellite Truck

Mary Travers at a typewriter

Edit bay

The News Channel 7 Newsroom, 1993

7 News Chopper

President Johnson at City Hall

7 news Cruiser

Irv with Long Mic...

John Winston

Keith Radford & Kathleen Leighton

Irv & Tom

Commander Tom on Parade

Clean Cut Commander Tom

Mike Randall, Bob Stilson, Promo, and the Commander

The Commander and his Puppet Friends

Tom Jolls 1993

Commander Tom and BatBoy on the phones

Commander Tom on the Superman Show

CT and the Kids

Promo wanders around

Promo the Robot addresses the Kids...

Dave Thomas and Beeper

Dave Thomas & Promo in the Master Control Center

Rocketship 7

Promo the Robot walks around the Rocketship 7 set>

Bathead and Commander Tom

Dave Thomas Cooks..

Ralph Hubbell

Herman Kahle & Lily Pellegrino

Kahle boots Mayor Griffin off AM Buffalo

Mayor Griffin tells Brian to do his Homework

Cindy Abbott with Burt Reynolds

AM Buffalo

Brian Kahle & Cindy Margolis in matching suits

Brian Kahle & Cindy Margolis

Kathy Ansuini Dialing for Dollars

Kathy Ansuini

Dave Thomas clapping along

Johnny & Jimmy Dialing for Dollars

Dialing for Dollars Audience

Liz Dribben and Nolan Johannes

Liz Dribben with Dave Brubeck

Adam Keefe Fright Night Theatre

Brian Kahle & Linda Pellegrino

Young Irv

Commander Tom... out and about in the 60s

7 Broadcast Plaza c1993

The Building of 7 Broadcast Plaza

Early 80s Irv Weinstein

80s sports

80s Weather

80s news

Channel 7 up and running

Channel 7 Studios AKA The Churchill Tabernacle

Dr. Clinton Churchill

Plowing in front of the Main Street Studios

Commander Tom with Dustmop & Friends

Original 7 staffers... Bob Costello, Marty Steader, ???, Rick Azar, Norm Schultz, ???, Steve Zappia

Mike Randall goes for a ride

Rick Azar Eyewitness Sports 1960s

Tom Jolls Outside

Eyewitness News Open 3

Eyewitness News Open 2

Eyewitness News Open

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