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Don Postles... NewsCenter 2.

Buffalo Morning Radio As It Was in 1989
Taken From A Week-Long Series
Presented by NewsCenter 2's Don Postles

Text and video stills by
Steve Cichon

It was a NewsCenter 2 sweeps week special series... Don Postles visited with the most popular radio personalities. It opened with an explanation of how Buffalo's morning radio choices had just been radically changed when two former KB Staffers... Sandy Beach and Danny Neaverth.... found new homes along the Dial. This was graphically represented by two heads moving along an analog radio dial (see below.)

Sandy had left KB only a few years ago, and stopped at Hot 104 WNYS before heading to Majic 102 WMJQ. When KB went satellite, Danny went to WHTT after Sandy left. Snorton Norton and 97 Rock had also recently returned after an absence of a few years. All the moves help to make Bill Lacy and WBEN number one in Morning Drive. NewsCenter 2's Don Postles met with each of these jocks... Plus WPHD's team of Taylor & Moore. All told, the 5 part series is a nice snapshot of Buffalo Radio in 1989.

Click on thumbnails for Larger Pictures...

Don Postles
Don Postles in front of the Old KB Barn on Delaware Ave
Don Postles
More Don Postles, NewsCenter 2
Don Postles
Don Postles Listening to DeeJays
Newscenter 2
This was a part of the Countdown Still on the Channel 2 tape this was dubbed from.
Radio Graphic
Sandy was at Hot 104 and Danny was at KB not so long ago....
Bill Lacy
Bill Lacy had the top rated morning show on WBEN.
Bill Lacy
Good Morning from Bill Lacy... This is Dionne & Friends on WBEN.
Randy Bushover
Randy Bushover in the producer's seat
WBEN 930
Lacy & Postles
Bill Lacy and Don Postles chatting it up
The 97 Rock Morning Crew
Lauri Githens and Tigh Johnson in the 97 Rock studios
Snorton Norton
Larry "Snorton" Norton... Before the head shave and the Lasik Surgery!
Snorton Norton
Larry Norton behind the mic
97 Rock
97 Rock newsman Tigh Jenson... Thanks John Hager for the ID!
Norton & Postles
Norton and Postles
Danny Moves My Fanny
Danny appears to be swearing at Don Postles. Probably not, But its fun to pretend.
Danny & Donny
Postles and Neaverth
Daffy Dan
Dan Neaverth behind the board with a Pink Sweater
Classic Hits 104
Dan Neaverth Jr.
Dan Jr with Postles
Darren Neaverth
WHTT's Darren Neaverth
Don & Sandy
Majic 102's Sandy Beach with Don Postles
Old Studio C
Postles, Beach, and Chris Irene
Rob Lucas
Majic Morning Board Op Rob Lucas
Sandy Beach
Sandy Beach pre-head shave
Taylor & Moore
Bob Taylor & Harv Moore
Taylor & Moore
Bob Taylor & Harv Moore
Taylor & Moore
Bob Taylor & Harv Moore
Taylor & Moore
Bob Taylor & Harv Moore
Taylor & Moore
Bob Taylor & Harv Moore
I'm Don Postles.... Morning Radio in Buffalo in 1989
Available on Video CD for Playback on your PC..... Newscenter 2's Don Postles 5 part report on the state of Morning Radio in Buffalo at the tail end of the 80s. The video quality is only fair, but the price is right at $9.99.

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