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Downtown Buffalo enveloped in the Blizzard of '77. What was the radio like during the Blizzard? More in an aircheck on the right side of this page.

We have thousands of hours of interesting and bizaare audio. Since its not all on the web, please feel free to e-mail me with any questions or quieries.


Clare Allen and Billy Keaton broadcasting over Buffalo's WEBR Radio in the 1940s.

Steve has personally digitally remastered hundreds of hours of old recordings, making North America's Most Eclectic collection of Airchecks, Records, CDs, drops, bits and sounds.


President John F. Kennedy on the steps of Buffalo's City Hall on Pulaski Day 1962. That historic broadcast available to the right.

The collection spans over one hundred years, and covers every taste.
There's no doubt you'll love something you never knew existed from this collection!


Van Miller hikes the ball to Jack Kemp in this 1969 WBEN Bills schedule photo.

These have been collected by me over the last quarter of a century, were all created for my personal enjoyment, and not for any commercial use. I hope you'll respect and continue that tradition.


The Federal Radio Company owned WGR in the 20s, and the station's studios were in the building that is now FWS on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo, between Hertel and Amherst.

Materials included here are being shared for historical and educational purposes only, and are to be used for private, non-commercial uses.


Hens & Kelly's Lunch counter... A downtown classic!

Any fees incurred are for studio time and materials, and makes no claim of ownership of the creative content of these recordings. Materials provided are for reference and research purposes only and may not be licensed for broadcast.


Bailo's: Before it burned to the ground in the late 70's, the Bailey Avenue joint was THE place for Beef on weck. Photo courtesy John Bisci. claims no rights, nor can we provide information on any known copyright holders.
All material is provided "as is" and assumes no liability for its usage.
Fees charged are for studio time, tape stock, office supplies and postage only.


This only a small portion of the collection... Click here for hundreds more airchecks and albums!!


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Perfect for someone from Buffalo, who grew up in Buffalo, or appreciates Buffalo's Pop Culture History, especially radio and TV.
Any Amount FREE!
Gimme Jimmy! The Mayor James D. Griffin Story in his own Words and Pictures
Through his unequalled 16 years in office, Jimmy Griffin was the bigger-than-life, most talked about mayor in the history of Buffalo. Author Steve Cichon and Mayor Griffin?s children have selected nearly 200 photos from the personal and mayoral archives of the Griffin family, and those images are interspersed with the stories, quotes, and wisdom of James D. Griffin himself.
140 pages, nearly 200 images PAPERBACK
$16.95 $4.00 softcover
Irv! Buffalo's Anchorman: the Irv, Rick, and Tom Story
The story of a TV anchorman so universally loved in Western New York that only one name is necessary... Irv. From the 1950s through the 1990s, Irv Weinstein informed and entertained generations of Buffalonians with his unmistakable style of writing and delivering the news. ogether with Rick Azar and Tom Jolls, Irv was a part of the longest running anchor team in history, and their story is the story of Buffalo over the last half century.
148 pages, 74 images PAPERBACK More...
$13.95 $4.00 softcover
The Complete History of Parkside: Softcover
A history of the Frederick Law Olmsted designed neighborhood, from its place in the history of the Seneca Nation, to its role in the War of 1812, to Olmsted's design and the turn of the century building out of the area, and the neighborhood's 20th century evolutions. Included are discussions of the area's earliest colorful settlers, Frank Lloyd Wright's Darwin Martin House, Delaware Park, The Buffalo Zoo, and the stories and anecdotes of many more struggles, individuals, and institutions that have made Parkside one of Buffalo's premier historic neighborhoods today. More...
$14.95 $4.00 softcover
The Complete History of Parkside: Hardcover
Special Limited Edition
$30.00 $4.00 hardcover
The Real Steve Cichon: A Tribute To My Relationship with My Ol'Man
A photo-filled softcover book written in the weeks following my dad's death on Palm Sunday, 2010. The story of his last week alive, and a reflection of our relationship and time together. The entire book is also posted online for your reading pleasure.
$12.95 $3.00
60 Years of Buffalo Television Poster
Featuring over 2 dozen current and vintage Buffalo Television logos, this poster is great way to celebrate 60 years of Buffalo Television History. This 11x17 poster is printed in full-color on archival heavy 80lb gloss stock, and will be delivered in a mailing tube. See the poster here.
$9.99 $4.00
Haseoke:The Album CD
Enjoy "Dom's" "singing" at your own leisure on Compact Disc from the Comfort of your home or vehicle. Even great for Jogging! The Original Classics.. As heard on the radio over WNSA and WGR.Hear some Haseoke
$5.00 $2.50
Haseoke:LIVE! CD
Enjoy "Dom's" "singing" at your own leisure on Compact Disc from the Comfort of your home or vehicle. Even great for Jogging! A "LIVE" recording of Dom singing his heart out "just off the Vegas Strip." Dom Sings over a dozen kitschy Vegas-Style songs, from Vegas headliners of the past. Hear some Haseoke
$5.00 $2.50
WKBW: 1959, 1962, 1972
Included here are three KB produced Composite Recordings... including all the KB jocks who were on the air when these were recorded. KB used these as sales tools showing off how great KB was... There is one from 1959, 1962, and 1972. A great capsule history of One of America's Great Rock & Roll Stations. The complete History of KB's glory years on 1 cd!
$5.00 $2.50
Larry Glick mp3 CD
The Ultimate LARRY GLICK Collection! ALL ON ONE CD... Over 20 Hours of Larry Glick Radio goodness from his WBZ show, and includes the tracks from his (in)famous album,Larry Glick? Let Me Check. Hear some GlickClips on The Larry Glick Page.
$10.00 $2.50
Norm Nathan mp3 CD
ALL ON ONE CD... Over Twelve Hours of Norm Nathan Radio goodness from the mid-60s through the mid-90s... From stations WHDH, WRKO, and WBZ. Plenty of Norm clips at the The Plush, Yet not overly Ostentatious Norm Nathan Page.
$10.00 $2.50
Clint Buehlman, The NBA Buffalo Braves, & WBEN 1973 mp3 CD
Over 100 hours of WBEN mp3s from 1972-73 on a single CD. INLCUDES THREE COMPLETE BUFFALO BRAVES GAMES!!! As well as hours more of the same sort of radio classics you can hear samples of on The WBEN 1973 Page.
$10.00 $2.50
WKBW War of the Worlds mp3 CD
It caused panic up and down the Eastern Seaboard when first broadcast... an mp3 CD with both the 1968 Sandy Beach War of the Worlds with the Dan Neaverth introduction, and the 1971 Jack Armstrong version with the Jeff Kaye introduction. The complete shows as aired on Halloween night '68 and '71. Join Jeff Kaye, Channel 7s Irv Weinstein, and Newsmen Joe Downey, Henry Brach, Jim Lancer, and Jim Fagan as aliens invade Grand Island. One of the best produced radio dramas of all time.
$10.00 $2.50
Van Miller Calls The 1964 AFL Championship Game
This is an amateur recording of the 1964 AFL Championship Game. Ralph Hubbell sets the scene for the WBEN audience and play-by-play man Van Miller calls the action from The RockPile in December 1964. Digitally remastered in the studios, the orginal tape was made by someone holding a microphone up to a speaker.. So you hear them cheering on the Bills in their Queen City Living room. The tape also starts and stops, throughout the game, but over the hour, you get a feel for the game where the Bills won their first of back-to-back championships.
$5.00 $2.50
Van Miller: The Bills Beat Miami 1980
Any Bills Fan alive in the 70's knows that the Bills didn't beat the Dolphins in that decade. They also know that Joe Ferguson and the Bills finally pulled out a win on Septemer 7, 1980! This disc has several editions of Buffalo Bills Replay... A 15 minute feature that aired on WBEN. Included is the Replay of the game simply known as the Miami Game. Here highlights from Van Miller and Stan Barron and narrator Jeff Kaye take you back to one of the most glorious days ever for Bills Fans who suffered through the 70s!
$5.00 $2.50
John Otto mp3 CD
The Ultimate JOHN OTTO Collection! ALL ON ONE CD... Over 24 Hours of John Otto Radio goodness from stations WGR and WWKB. Some classic John otto Clips at The Hold the Phone! the John Otto Page.
$10.00 $2.50
Ted Darling:Buffalo Sabres 1975 Year in Review
This is a studio copy of the Sabres 1975 year in review, as orginally aired on WGR after that glorious season. Ted Darling hosts the program filled with dozens of play-by-play calls with Ted and Rick Jeanneret. This is REALLY awesome!
$5.00 $2.50
The Rick Jeanneret CD
Dozens of Rick's finest calls.. Many of these were tracked down bu for use by the Buffalo Sabres in their top selling Rick J. CD... you can buy the disc, or download all the calls here and here.
$5.00 $2.50  
Paul McCartney is Alive and Well, Maybe...
another twisted production of KB Radio. It chronicles the possibility that Paul McCartney died in a car crash in 1964 and the guy "playing" Paul is really a body double. It points to song lyrics and album covers as proof that the Beatles are playing a trick on you, and Paul is dead. This masterpiece helped further a persistant rumor with great production and a 50,000 watt signal that hit 33 states and half of Canada. Narrated by Jeff Kaye, Dan Neaverth, Stan Roberts, Sandy Beach.
$5.00 $2.50
The JFK Collection v85
80 minutes of JohnKennedy sound, some of the national broadcasts were downloaded from the internet. WBEN- Lou Douglas anchors-- JFK visits Buffalo; Pulaski Day Oct 1962, WEBR- Ron Arnold-- Kennedy assassination 11/22/1963, JFK Memorial Record Diplomat Records Side 1 and 2, CBS TV Walter Cronkite announces President shot, CBS TV Walter Cronkite announces President dead, KNX Radio President shot, NBC TV Huntley and Brinkley President killed, WNBC-TV Don Pardo announces President has been shot, NBC-TV Harry Reasoner describes casket moving.
$5.00 $2.50
Blizzard of '77
An absolutely captivating recording of Buffalo Radio during the height of the most fabled snow storm in the antions history... Buffalo's Blizzard of '77. Recorded by Albion's Tom Taber, Jan 28, 1977. Included: KB-Henry Brach, WJJL, KB- Jim Quinn- Dont Panic, WBEN Lou Douglas- news, WBTA, WKBW closings, WHAM DickDimecco, WBEN Jeff Kaye Lou Douglas news-- "State of Emergency", WCAU Philadelphia, WKBW Natl Fuel Announcement, WJJL, WBEN Jeff Kaye, WCAU, WKBW Henry Brach-- Irv State of Emergency Ad, WHAM, WKBW Henry Brach, WKBW-TV IRV!!!!! ad, WOKR Channel 13 Bowling for Dollars, WKBW Henry Brach Jon Summers, WJJL, around the dial, WBEN Closings, WJJL Stranded people, WWBK WWBK, WKBW Bethlehem steel.
$5.00 $2.50
George Hound Dog Lorenz on KB
This show appears on, but this is the orginal source. I found this on a tape that was given to me by the widow of former KB Morning Clock Watcher and Buffalo Sports Legend Stan Barron. A great studio quality recoding of George Hound Dog Lorenz from WKBW in 1958.
$5.00 $2.50
Eyewitness News Music: The Action News Series... Move Closer to Your World
This album contains the entire Action News package, produced by the Great Al Ham, which included the famous Irv Weinstein Eyewitness news theme, as well as the full sing version of "Move Closer to Your World." The mid 90s "re-sing" is also on this disc, as are the themes to the Commander Tom Show and Rocketship 7, and several novelty songs, including "I Love You, Irv weinstein!" And "The Eyewitness News Rap." Several Irv Weinstein aircheck sound bites are scattered throughout.More...
$5.00 $2.50



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Steve Cichon's is online to celebrate the History of Radio, TV, and Buffalo, NY.... And a combination of the three. Our purpose is to the fill the holes in the internet. There are many sites about all the above, we we here at like to think we have content you'll find nowhere else! Be sure to check out our featured pages... or use the site search feature for just about anything under the sun!
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CRYSTAL BEACH:See the sites and hear the souns of Crystal Beach from the 40s through the 80s. See TV commercials, hear radio jingles, look at over 100 snapshots from the park!! WYSL Record Charts:A collection of over 50 WYSL/WPhD Record charts as handed out by the station in the 70s. The best part: Each Chart features a WYSL jock like Kevin O'Connell, Larry Norton, or John Piccillo (plus scads more) all in their 70s glory! WBEN 1973: Hear Clint Buehlman, Van Miller and the Buffalo Braves... ENTIRE DAYS worth of WBEN in 1973, recently digitally remastered from station logger tapes unheard since the day they were recorded! Buffalo Postcards: Well over 600 Buffalo Postcards, from the 1860s through the 1980s. See Downtown, The Olmsted Parks, the Zoo, Swank Delware Avenue, Buffalo Harbor, and hundreds of others The Uncle Bobby Show Page: The World's Most Complete Tribute to the late, great Uncle Bobby Ash, including the Bimbo the Birthday Clown Song! Larry Glick! Pictures and Sounds with WBZ's Overnight Maven of Yesteryear.. the Great Larry Glick! Channel Four's Santa Show: A page dedicated to Channel 4's Santa's Workshop Show... An All Time Buffalo Classic, remembered by just about anyone who grew up in the 50s, 60s, or 70s! Christmas in Buffalo 1954: Ads and epherema taken from the pages of December 1954 editions of the Courier Express and Evening News. Mr. Dressup: Remembering Canada's Greatest Kid Show Host... Ernie Irv, Rick, and Tom: A multimedia presentation on the Eyewitness News Team of Irv Weinstein, Rick Azar, and Tom Jolls. Buffalo Radio '89: Don Postles and Channel 2 cameras visted Buffalo's Top-Rated Radio morning shows back in 1989.... WBEN, WPHD, WMJQ, WGRF, WHTT. Its Midnight: The Tom Connolly Experience: Tom is WBEN Radio's overnight mystery man, famous all across the Niagara Frontier for his hourly time checks heading into CBS News... It's midnight.


The Milt Ellis Jukebox: Milt Ellis was the PA voice of the Buffalo Sabres for the teams first 28 years. On this page you'll find all sorts of classic The History of WBEN at 75!: Check out the dozens of pictures, sounds, and stories of one of Buffalo's great radio stations... With this 75th Anniversary tribute to WBEN! Buffalo Anchorman: A
Tribute to Buffalo TV in the 70s is a look at the mustache and paisley filled era of Buffalo Television known as the 70s and early 80s. If you enjoyed Wil Ferrell's hit movie ANCHORMAN, you'll love the real life look back at Buffalo TV. the 1986 KB Radio Reunion: Pictures and memories from the the 1986 KB Reunion Weekend, celebrating Danny Neaverth's 25 years at WKBW. The Steeler and the Pittsburgh Kid: The NBC Project Peacock Movie starring Buffalo Radio and TV personality Jim Brinson as the Evil Pat Robbins. The Legend of Haseoke! At a long gone Buffalo Radio station, Mike Schopp and producer Steve Cichon found a box of dusty old tapes in the backroom. After listening to a few, they knew they had a hit on their hands. HASEOKE... as heard on the radio... Available only here... At! Hold the Phone: The John Otto Page:The Dean of Talk Radio in Buffalo, John made nights a little less lonely for WNYers for 40 years. The Many Faces of Ed Little: Ed Little was a staple on Buffalo radio for over 60 years... From his time as a Child actor, to his live broadcasts from the Town Casino, to his 4 decades as in the news business. The Plush, Yet Not Overly Ostentatious Norm Nathan Page: After decades as one of Boston's preeminent jazz disc jockeys, Norm was re-born late in his career as the overnight talkshow host on 50,000 watt giant WBZ. He always kept the conversation light, and kept us company weekend overnights. Buffalo TV Tetris: The Classic computer game updated for Buffalo TV fans. One game and you'll be hooked! Don't be the last one on the block to conquer the Irv Weinstein Final Round! The Puckett Dance!: Kids, its the dance sensation that's sweeping the nation... An Audio tribute to one of Buffalo's Great Radio newsmen... And My Radio tag team partner... Tom Puckett!!You must have windows Media Player installed to enjoy.

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