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The Uncle Bobby Show Page!
Chris, a guy I used to work with, and a HUGE Uncle Bobby fan... has posted The Bimbo the Birthday Clown Video on youtube. Click to the left to watch.... or Click Here to download an audio version of the song. I know I can't be the only one who wants his on my iPod!
You Can also click the thumbs below for some still images from the Bimbo video.
Uncle Bobby &
Bimbo the Birthday Clown
Send your Birthday to Bimbo
Birthday Dance
Happy & Mrs Happy
Uncle Bobby
Bimbo the Birthday Clown

The Uncle Bobby Show
Bob Ash: Childhood Friend to Millions!

By Steve Cichon UPDATED: March 2, 2008

I was tickled to be able to speak with Bobby Ash over the telephone... known to a generation of Canadians (and kids just over the border) as Uncle Bobby.

In the few minutes of the interview here... Uncle Bobby himself gives background on how and why Bimbo the Birthday Clown started... and then begat Mr. and Mrs. Happy and son of Happy, the dancing birthday creatures. He also details many of the other characters who were a part of the show... And though his memory for some of the details is fading a bit... Nothing beats Uncle Bobby sharing the names of some of his old friends from our childhood.

Among Uncle Bobby's human pals were Alex Laurier, who played guitar on the show, Meredith Cutting, "the Singing Policeman;" Cy Leonard, "the vetriloquist;" Ron Leonard, "the magician;" Traffic Officer John, who gave the children tips about road safety. Nancy McCaig played accordian, and Barry McKay was a drawer of birds, animals and other things. Ruth Winkler sculpted plasticine models and told stories that went along with what she was modelling.

I can remember getting up very early, getting an apple out of the fridge, turning on my pre-cable TV, and watching the mystical Uncle Bobby Show... I think made even more mysterous by the melodious BIMBO BIMBO EVERYBODY BIMBO chant... And, of course, Uncle Bobby's accent. I think the only other person I would have known with a British Accent at that point in my life would have been my Great Grandfather.... And now that I think about it, as a very young sprat, I may have thought that Uncle Bobby was my great Grandpa.

Do you have any Uncle Bobby pictures, videos, or memories? Please E-mail then so they can be shared with the world... And Uncle Bobby himself!

click on Uncle Bobby's picture to hear my interview with him on November 30, 2005!

After talking to Uncle Bobby on the telephone, he sent me the following letter:

He also sent along many photographs and memories of the show for me to share with you...

Click on any of the thumbnails below for larger pictures.

NEW! Sounds and Images from the Uncle Bobby Show!
Thanks to Brandon from California for a copy of half an Uncle Bobby Show he taped back in 1983!

The Uncle Bobby Show

Everyone Gathered at the End of the Show


Walking By Bimbo The Birthday Clown

Uncle Bobby and Ron the Magician

Super Bunny Reads a book

Super Bunny!"

Uncle Bobby and Bunny

Uncle Bobby And Traffic Officer John

Click to hear Uncle Bobby say goodbye to the children, and then the show's Closing theme music!

TheUncle Bobby Show The Uncle Bobby Show!
A DVD copy of the 20 minutes worth of an Uncle Bobby Show... Unfortunately, no Bimbo segment, but it's still a memory jogger! Also included on the disc are some Davey and Goliath episodes... along with the New Adenvtures of Pinocchio, and also some of the great Wizard of Oz cartoons... A great trip down memory lane!
US $9.99 plus $2 shipping.

Although poor in quality, this is the only picture I have of Bimbo the Birthday Clown.
Uncle Bobby smiles with Puppet and Rabbit.
Available for Weddings, Bar Mitzahs, funerals...
Teaching Boys and Girls how to cross the street...
With a Mountie Puppet and a beaver
With a puppy
Driving a Mini Austin Martin
An Advert for the Show... The text is below.
With Miner Bird and Bunny
Uncle Bobby Close Up
Watch Uncle Bobby on Channel 9 Toronto
Uncle Bobby with 2E, robot from the "Kids Corner" Show
Uncle Bobby & Cy Leonard
Uncle Bobby & Cy Leonard

Off his rocker?From a syndication Advertisment:
Born in a Staffordshire Theatre, brought up in the "pirate" circuses of Britain and steeped in the rich traditions of the theatre -- Bobby Ash naturally steps into his role as the show's active, animated host. Children love him, and give THE UNCLE BOBBY SHOW top priority on their viewing schedules.

The Uncle Bobby Show.
A Treat of Fun and Fancy.
Distributed by Glen-Warren Productions, Limited.

The Bimbo Story
Birthday announcements were a popular feature on the Unlce Bobby Show, and somewhere along the way, Bimbo the Birthday Clown made his first appearance. Though he was first made of cardboard, soon a wooden backing was added, then wheels, moving eyes, and of course the Happy Crew then came along: Mr. & Mrs. Happy, and Son of Happy. We hope to someday be able to post the BIMBO SONG... if we can find a copy of the show. You can hear Unlce Bobby himself talk about Bimbo in the interview with him from November, 2005.

Happy Birthday Boys and Girls!

For questions or submissions... Drop me an E-mail!

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