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75 years of WBEN Pictures

WBEN: 75 Years in Buffalo
75 Years of Pictures!

By Steve Cichon Posted: UPDATED: February 21, 2005

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By the way... Thanks to All those who have sent in pictures...
The latest submissions are at the top. We still need YOUR pictures!
Do you have a photo or two? E-mail it to me... or get me the picture
and I'll scan it and get the original back to you... and I'll post it here to share with everyone!

Thanks to those who've shared their photos so far:
Tom Langmyer
Tony Caligiuri
Candy Acierno
Tim Wenger
Pete Weber
Tom Kelly

Tom Langmyer WBEN Control Room 1979

2077 Elmwood Ave picnic mid 80s

Arlene Bolton with Mayor Makowski late 70s

John Beard mid 70s

Bob Russo Jumps!

Skipper Bruce Kaiser on the WBEN boat

Calling All Pets with Kevin O'Connell late 70s

Chris Tyler WBEN jock late 70s

Allen Consantini Van Miller Kevin O'Connell late 70s

Newsman John Corbett late 70s

Dave Hammond WBEN PD late 70s

Don Gilbert & Larry Levite mid 80s

Don Kobiela WBEN jock late 70s

Gary Gunter late 70s

Chuck Healy with "the Juice" late 70s

Jay Fredricks WBEN Jock late 70s

Jim Durham late 70s

Jeff Kaye in the Production Studio late 70s

Jim McLaughlin, Dave May, Tom Kelly, Wendy Stahlka

Tom Kelly mid 80s

Kevin Gordon WBEN News late 70s

Bill Lacy Classic TV spot

John Murphy & Pete weber at the Ballpark

Nan Cooper

Brian Meyere, Ed Little, Susan Rose, Tim Wenger, Monica wilson, Mark Leitner 1988

Station Manager Paul Butler late 70s

Phil Buchanan News Director late 70s

WBEN Picnic: Bob Russo, Bob Aronica

Dick Rifenburg in the Control Room

Sheila Murphy 2005

WBEN-FM Program Director Ed Tucholka with "Fred" late 70s (This space became the sports office)

Dave May & Lois Ringle mid 80s

WBEN Engineer Tom Whalen Gives Blood

Lorrie Maniscalco, MJ Wieleba, Melanie Krebs, Oda Hanners, Candy Acierno, Denise Burt, John the Computer Repair Guy 1986

Sheila Murphy 2005

Sandy Beach & Rush Limbaugh in the Hall on Elmwood early 90s

Buffalo Braves Bumper Sticker early 70s

Clint Buehlman cues Tom Whalen and Earnest Roy. 1963

WBEN Chief Larry Levite Early 80s

The Control room early 80s

Michael DeMart, WBEN Control Room, 2004

Sports Director Howard Simon 1993

Jeff Kaye 1983

John Zach & Susan Rose 2001

WBEN Letterhead 1948

WBEN Letterhead 1959

Larry Levite

Jim McLaughlin and Wendy Stahlka 80s

Lou Douglas early 80s

Bill Masters 1975

Jim McLaughlin in his office.

Brian Meyer

OooHH Jack Mindy!

Hank Nevins in AMCR

Mike Mroziak, George Richert, Tim Wenger, Susan Rose, Claudine Ewing, Brian Meyer, Patrick Farrell.

Kevin Keenan, Mark Hamrick, Ed Little, Brian Meyer, Pat Johnson, Lou Douglas, Mark Leitner

Van Miller & Calvin Muprhy 1968

Kevin O'Connell WBEN midday host late 70s

Kaye Lapping, Oda Hanners, Eileen Tobias

WBEN Music Director Roger Christian

Sabres Hockey on WBEN: Rick Jeanneret, Ted Darling, Mike Robitaille, Jim Lorentz

WBEN Executives 1963: George Torge, James Righter, Alfred Kirchhofer, Mrs. Butler, Bob Thompson

Van Miller and Jayne Mansfield in the WBEN studios

Junior Announcer Van Miller

Tom Whalen, WBEN Engineer

Ogilvie, Lou Douglas, Van Miller, Ken Phillips, Gene Kelley, Virgil 

Booth, Carl erikson, Bernie Sandler. Seated: Steve Geer, Harry Webb, 

Bill Ferguson, Mike Mearian.
60's group shot. Hover mouse over pic for names.

Bill Lacy waves late 80s

2077 Elmwood, 1960

Gary McNamara 1995

Tim Wenger & Susan Rose 1995

The sign in front of the building early 80s

WBEN Newsday with McLaughlin & Douglas

Tom Kelly,?,?

Claudine Ewing 1994

Dave Kerner 1997

Joe Puma, Tom Streich, Jonathon May, Dave May

WBEN Robot at Boulevard Mall

Sports Director John Murphy

Motor Home at Rich Stadium 80s

Jim Schoenfeld with WBEN mic

We Put more into it...

Jeff Kaye, Sheela Allen, Frank Cascio, & Ken Phillips 1974

Clint Buehlman & Bob Hope at WBEN Studios

Bill Lacy & Kevin Keenan mid 90s

Brandy Scrufari

Bills Coach Hank Bullough mid 80s

WBEN Wall of Awards

Pilot Field Scoreboard

Mayor Griffin and Bill Lacy 1984

Bob Wood in Prod 2

Mike Binis& Mike Jeter early 80s

WBEN Sales Meeting Early 80s

Duane Link

a pensive Bill Lacy Early 80s

Pete Weber and John Murphy at the Rockpile

WBEN program Log 1971

The Stars of WBEN Radio and TV 1968

Announcers Budd Tesch and Ward Fenton 1947

WBEN Organist Carl Coleman

Clint Buehlman 1947

News Writer Ed DeCastro 1947

Announcer Ed Reimers 1947

Elmer Odien, Transmitter Engineer 1947

Fredrick Hodge 1947

Gordon Redding News Announcer 1947

Jack Meddoff News Writer 1947

Jim Wells WBEN Sports Director 1947

Joe Wesp: The Ironic Reporter 1947

John Boccio: News Writer 1947
Dr Harry Rockwell, Msgr. Timothy Coughlin, and Dr. Samuel P. Capen
Fred Keller hosts Guys with Buildings named after them in WBEN studios (hover cursor over pic for names)

Announcer Pat Hill 1947

Engineers Philo Stevens & David Stein WBEN Control Room 1947

Ray Sweeney 1947 News writer

Robert Nicholson: Staff Music Arranger

Teletype Machines 1947

The WBEN Traffic Department 1947

The Transcription Department 1947

Jim Wells gives a kid a baseball 1947

Alfred H. Kirchhofer, The man responsible for the Buffalo Evening News Stations1940s

Kirchhofer with Vice President Nixonlate 50s

Al Fox: Farm Report Host 1973

Jack Ogilvie and Clint Buehlman; "Arthurmometer" on wall 1973

Van Miller and Stan Barron: Buffalo bills Football 1982

Stan Barron: Free Form Sports 1978

Stan Barron Calls Canisius Hoops for WBEN 1973

Stan Barron gives kids a tour 1973

Scott Bowman with Stan Barron, Studio A 1981

Brad Riter, WBEN Control Room, 1999

Bulldog in WBEN Sports Office 1997

Clint Buehlman celebrates 30 Years on WBEN

Traffic Control Group shot in Conference Room Early 90s

Lou Douglas (l) Conversation

Announcer Ed Dinsmore 40s

Lou Douglas with Al Anscombe and J. Michael Collins

Ed Little in newsbooth early 80s

Ed Little in Newsroom 1998

Actor EG Marshall with WBEN Afternoon Host Ken Phillips

WBEN Host Garfield Hinton with Muhmmad Ali in WBEN studios

Chuck Healy on the sidelines at the Rockpile 1972

Newsman Jack Ogilvie and Clint Buehlman 1973

Mark Leitner in Newsbooth 1982

Ed Little WBEN Announcer 1946

Marty Gleason: WBEN News Editor 1972

Afternoon Jock Bill Masters reads a spot 1973

Dick Rifenburg in WBEN Control room late 70s

The Motor Home with Downtown as a backdrop 90s

Norm Wullen and Mike Mearian 1960

Through the 70s, Jack Ogilvie would leave radio at 9am to read the news on Channel 4

Van Miller in studio with Bills Players OJ Simpson and AC Cowlings. No word on what they drove to the station

Dick Rifenburg along the Bills Sidelines...

Van Miller with Buffalo Braves Randy Smith and Fred Hinton

The WBEN Sports Team: Dick Rifenburg, Chuck Healy, Van Miller, Ralph Hubbell mid 60s

Stan Roberts Afternoon host late 80s

Your Webmaster in the WBEN Control Room, 1997

WBEN "Studio C" 18th Floor Statler 1940s

WBEN Newsmen Joe Sviatko and Brian Meyer

The WBEN TraffiCopter... Dave May & Mark Hamrick

WBEN's Martinsville Transmitter 1935

Stan Barron: Free Form Sports 1978

Stan Barron Calls Canisius Hoops for WBEN 1973

Van Miller calls a Braves Game, Jack Ramsay, Braves Coach mid 70s

Candy Acierno and Tom Van Nortwick early 80s

The WBEN Trio: Karl Koch at piano, 1933

Bill Masters, John Corbett, Clint Buehlman, Ken Phillips, Gene Kelley, Al Fox, Van Miller, Stan Barron, Jack Ogilvie, John Luther early 70s

Tim Wenger in WBEN Newsroom 1995

Susan Rose in WBEN Newsroom 1995

Kurt Murphy,?,?,Sam D'Angelo,Chris Parker,Randy Bushover,Rob Lucas,John Caroll,Steve Cuccia,Joe Puma,Tony Caligiuri mid 90s

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