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Christmas in Buffalo 1954

Christmas in 1954 Buffalo... As seen in the Pages of the Courier-Express!

Courier Express

This is How a Queen City Christmas Looked in the Mid-50s!

Opening up the newspaper (be it the Courier or the Evening News) there were plenty of choices for Christmas shopping in Buffalo back in the 50s...
Included on these pages are a cross-section of the places Buffalonianas would have shopped for clothing, toys, food, cars, and appliances in December of 1954!
I've also included a page detailing what folks would have been wathcing on TV (if they had one!) and listening to on radio during that month!

Okay, this is cool.... but WHY?!?!

A few years ago, I was junk shopping at the Salvation Army store. My love for weird records always takes me to that part of the store,
and that's where I found the motherlode... Boxes and boxes of old 78rpm records...Sitting in the boxes they were packed in in 1955.
But it wasn't the records that caught my eye... It was the NEWSPAPER the records were wrapped in!
Dozens of sheets of Buffalo Evening News and Courier-Express...
All from December 1954. Well, I took the papers, left the records, and this is the result.

Click the picture for a larger view in a New Window.

Allegheny Airlines
Who flies to West Virginia?
M&T and Anchor Bar
Note the small ad for the Anchor Bar... A decade before they'd usurp the Beef on Weck as The Queen City's Signature Dish!
T.A. Bowman
The place on Genesee Street to buy TVs!
Brown Motors
Buy Used Hudsons, Nashes, and Packards... They were located in the just recently condemned Gary Pontiac Building
They're selling off 1955 TVs
Great prices on a color set
Century Clothes
The Fonz Jacket is only 18.95...... AAAAIIIIyyeeee!
The Courier-Express
The Paper itself....
Another Big TV Sale
Erie County Savings Bank
Nice pic of Shelton Square office and clock
Glen Campbell Chevrolet
Nice pic of Store....
Great Arrow Rink
Could that have been the Bells/Jubillee (now an office building?)
Hal Casey
Filling South Buffalo with Used Cars
H-O Oats
Pan Toasted Oatmeal
H-O Oats
My favorite Grain Elevator, just off the 190.... Now in jeopardy with the building of a Seneca Casino...
H. Seeburgs
The factory still stands at Oak & Genesee... As you get on the 33.
Beautiful Radios for sale... .
Iroqouis Gas
Thems some handsome appliances.
Main Corner of Barker
The Finest beer in the British Empire
Lackwanna Railroad
Travel in the modern, streamlined Lackwanna cars.
Langs Milk
Available at Hop-in-Shop locations.
Laube Cafeteria
Big Chicken Pot Pie 78 cents
Laube Cafeteria
Frankfurter and Potato Salad 45 cents
Laube Cafeteria
Generous Portion of Lobster Newburg 89 cents.
One More Laube ad
Irish Stew
Lee's Drug Stores
All four plazas still stand 50 years later!
Liberty Shoes
Cheap shoes for a generation
Suggests a Philco Radio for Christmas... Buy from his Broadway store.
Two Locations
Gifts on Jefferson
Great 50's traffic jam art.
Take the bus to the Aud for the Little Three Hoops...
Don't forget your charge plate when you head Downtown for Shopping!
Polish Traditions of Christmas
an interesting read
Park Lane
Xmas Dinner at the Park Lane. Dinner starts at $3... Soft Drinks now start at $4.
Paul's Pies
Baked fresh hourly
Phoenix Beer
Ask for it.
From the Picture Page
Turning out new 1955 car parts at the old Pierce Arrow Factory.
Goldins & Pies
Pies for Fine Furniture... Delaware at Sheridan.
The Toyland at Bailey near Genesee.
Another Buffalo Product. .
The South Park Bridge opens!
Republic Steel was torn down 25 years ago.... National Analine was Allied Chemical, now its Honeywell. The bridge is now closed for repairs.
Selling Appliances on Broadway for 60 Years.
Stephens Ford
Buy used from $395.
Sterling-Amherst Milk
Sam the Milkman is dressed for the season.
Thurway Plaza
Penney's is Open at the Thruway Plaza...
'53 Cadillacs from $2995
Tunmore Olds
They were an Olds dealer until the line ceased prodcution a few years back.
Western Savings Bank
Free Parking!
Nice Gifts on Broadway
Not only Organs, but radios on Main Street.
Lombard opposite the Broadway Market.

Be sure to see the rest of Christmas in Buffalo 1954.

Department Stores
Ads and logos from all those great downtown stores you remember... Like AM&A's, JN Adam, Kresges, Sattlers, Kobachers, Kolpinski's and MORE...
Grocery Stores
Before there were Supermarkets, there were neighborhood Grocery Stores.
If you lived in the city, there were probably 2 or 3 you could walk to...Check out some of these long gone names like Mohican, Bells, Bestway, Noels, Ralph's, and MORE!
Radio and TV
Were you lucky enough to have a TV set back in 1954? Even if you didn't... Check out what you were jealous of other kids watching... And see what you listened to on the radio instead!
Everything Else
Here are a bunch of ads that didn't fit into another other group... Burnham's, Laube's Cafterias, H-O Oats, Thruway Plaza, Western Savings and more!

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