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Christmas in Buffalo 1954

Christmas in 1954 Buffalo... As seen in the Pages of the Courier-Express!

Courier Express

This is How a Queen City Christmas Looked in the Mid-50s!

Opening up the newspaper (be it the Courier or the Evening News) there were plenty of choices for Christmas shopping in Buffalo back in the 50s...
Included on these pages are a cross-section of the places Buffalonianas would have shopped for clothing, toys, food, cars, and appliances in December of 1954!
I've also included a page detailing what folks would have been wathcing on TV (if they had one!) and listening to on radio during that month!

Okay, this is cool.... but WHY?!?!

A few years ago, I was junk shopping at the Salvation Army store. My love for weird records always takes me to that part of the store,
and that's where I found the motherlode... Boxes and boxes of old 78rpm records...Sitting in the boxes they were packed in in 1955.
But it wasn't the records that caught my eye... It was the NEWSPAPER the records were wrapped in!
Dozens of sheets of Buffalo Evening News and Courier-Express...
All from December 1954. Well, I took the papers, left the records, and this is the result.

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Bob Wells
Presents the Hi-Teen Club on WEBR!
Ed Tucholka
Here "Touch" celebrates the Polish village program on WEBR.
Ed Tucholka
Plays your favorite Music up until Buffalo Bisons Hockey!
Bill Mazer, Jack Eno, and Groucho Marx
A Page with ads for Canisius Play by Play on WGR Radio, You Bet Your Life on WGR-TV, and Jack Eno and Bob Wells on WEBR.
Simon Pure Presents...
Buffalo Had local Breweries,,, And they sponsored TV movies!
Its like bingo... Only you play over WGR-TV!
Look for Lanza tonight on WBEN...
Ralph Hubbell and Lucy
"Hubb" chats Hoops on WBEN Radio... And Lucy and Desi star on Channel 4.
Tune Your Antenna
A Diagram on how best to get WBEN-TV on your set.
Gene Kelly WEBR
Gene hosts Childrens Hour... Also see the rest of the day's Schedule.
Bernie Sadler and Tap Taplin
WEBR is LIVE at the Towne Casino....
WGR's 55 in '55
An Amazing list of Talent to look forward to in 1955 on WGR.
Howdy Doody!
Buffalo Bob and his pal are on WGR-TV!
NBA: Syracuse Nats vs Boston Celtics
Only on Channel 2!
Frank Dill
Buffalo's Own Frank Dill at the WGR-TV sports desk.

Be sure to see the rest of Christmas in Buffalo 1954.

Department Stores
Ads and logos from all those great downtown stores you remember... Like AM&A's, JN Adam, Kresges, Sattlers, Kobachers, Kolpinski's and MORE...
Grocery Stores
Before there were Supermarkets, there were neighborhood Grocery Stores.
If you lived in the city, there were probably 2 or 3 you could walk to...Check out some of these long gone names like Mohican, Bells, Bestway, Noels, Ralph's, and MORE!
Radio and TV
Were you lucky enough to have a TV set back in 1954? Even if you didn't... Check out what you were jealous of other kids watching... And see what you listened to on the radio instead!
Everything Else
Here are a bunch of ads that didn't fit into another other group... Burnham's, Laube's Cafterias, H-O Oats, Thruway Plaza, Western Savings and more!

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